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Articles casino surveillance key west casino boat Kirch gives a very in-depth view of what the fire alarm system is like in one of the aarticles casinos in Mississippi, The Grand Casino Biloxi.

With gambling surveillance part of mainstream entertainment and popular leisure, casinos have become sites of legal work, combining the technical expertise and craft skills of the croupier dealer in table games with increasingly deskilled machine-minding in simulated video games. There are parallels with other service work, but the significance of casino gaming lies in the manipulation of things, such as cards articles casino surveillance money, rather than in interpersonal relations and self-embodiment.

Drawing on fieldwork, we compare standardization in table and machine gaming and show how different forms of surveillance are crucial to the legalization of gambling as mass consumption. In highlighting the significance of materiality and regulation in service sector employment, the case of casino gaming thus takes us beyond conventional labour process paradigms. It also epitomizes a newly globalized articles of work, currently promoted by industry interests but at the centre of intense public debate in casino UK and elsewhere.

If article have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software articles casino surveillance the list below and click on download. University of Canterbury, New Zealand, terry. University of Bristol, Surveillaance, jackie.

Vol mystic lake casino resturant coupon, Issue caslno, Skills and surveillance in casino gaming: Vol 19, Issue 2, pp. Skills and surveillance in casino gaming. Terry Austrin and Jackie West. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Send me a copy Cancel.

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With gambling now part of mainstream entertainment and popular leisure, casinos have become sites of legal work, combining the technical expertise and craft. That was the working model for almost all surveillance rooms, and it worked then. That was a different world. Looking to read the full article? Behavior Monitoring And The Role Of Video Analytics In Understanding Casino Behavior. By Larry Anderson Editor, In casino surveillance.

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